A Voice in the Shadowlands

The ramblings of an ADHD addled mind

Today during Sunday school, my brain started off on its own track. Now this in itself is nothing unusual. When you’re borderline ADHD an hour long class tends to be more than what my little brain can handle. I drift in and out picking up extra bits so that I can keep up with whatever is going on along with still running on my own related channel.

Today we tackled a tough section of 1 Peter. A large portion of the class was devoted to what exactly the section meant and how it applies to our Christian walk (the typical Sunday school stuff). My brain, however, was more along this line:

“Hmm, honestly, I think Peter could have written this a little less confusingly. It’s confusing even in the Greek. You know, this just goes to show that, while he was a great spiritual leader, this guy really was a fisherman at heart. Peter’s great. Blue collar guy. One of the boys. I think he may have been a bit ADHD. Always jumped the gun. Passionate. Probably could have phrased things better at times. I’ve always related a good bit with him. Definitely not a Paul. Paul was a bit anal retentive, I feel. I’ve never liked reading Paul all that much. He’s too cyclical. Man, I just wish he’d get to the point. I’ve known my share of Pauls. Known my share of Peters too. You know, I bet if Peter were alive today, he and Martin Luther would get along. Granted Martin Luther would have to be alive today too. I bet they would approach their everyday theologizing the same way – around the table with a few guys and a few more brewskis. Paul’s much more likely to be corkmaster of a wine club somewhere. It’s cool that God does that sort of thing though. Using the beer drinkers and the vinophiles. Did I just make up that word? How many folks would be shocked that I was comparing the theoretical drinking habits of the apostles in a baptist church? Where was I? Oh yeah…”

I’ll save you the rest. I do agree with myself though, shocking though that may be. I am constantly amazed at what God can do with the poor slobs he chooses to use. It really does take all kinds, for as many different uses. It gives me hope that there is a special group and a special ministry for me. Peter couldn’t reach the same people that Paul did. Paul’s crowd would have had Emerson, their steward, tell Peter that he needed to use the servants’ entrance. Peter’s folks would have probably been making faces behind Paul’s back. Still, both Peter and Paul were willing to let God use them in the way he wanted and to the people who would receive them. So, I’m willing. I know that I can’t go toe to toe with the apostles but thankfully God used a lot more folks than just 12 guys to get his message out there.


One response

  1. susan

    Rofl I love you! Today was a day of smiles. This post, I heartily agree with, and hope to find more from you soon.

    24 October 2010 at 9:25 pm

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