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But That’s Just the First Part of the Story

I wish there were more to the Bible. Well, the stories at least. If I were totally honest, I kinda wish God would have added more narratives and fewer letters. Sorry, Paul, but your cyclical thinking causes my ADD to run screaming into the hills. A good story (Biblical or otherwise) can hold my attention for ages. This is why the Bible leaves me wanting more. There are some awesome or mysterious or mysteriously awesome characters that come in, play a bit part and exeunt, never to be seen again.

I feel a bit robbed. I want to know backstories, what happens, motivations. It was funny to me that I had a revelation after I found out that J.K. Rowling had a write-up for all of her characters and even a few that didn’t make it into the books. “Ah ha!,” I thought. “So, that must be what it’s like with God. He wrote this huge book, knew that he couldn’t give every detail about everyone without causing people’s brain’s to melt, but he knows all of their stories because that’s what a good writer does (plus, it ensures continuity).” Yeah. That’s right. I know most of you just wondered if it was sacrilegious of me to compare God to the writer of Harry Potter. As far as I can find, it’s not a sin and if it is, at least I didn’t commit the ultimate sin and read Twilight. Yes, I just went there, too.

I wish I knew more about:

Joseph’s Egyptian wife, Aseneth. Her father was a priest (of Ra, was it?), and now she’s married to this guy who doesn’t worship her gods. Was there tension? Did she convert? How did she feel once she went from having no in-laws to being swarmed with a small army of them?

What was Tzipporah, Moses’ wife, thinking when she randomly has to circumcise her son on the fly? For an odd and much debated story, read Exodus 4, starting around verse 24. And what else happened to her. It had to be interesting inside that family’s tent.

There’s a prophet in the New Testament named Agabus. He shows up a few times during Acts and I find him rather cool, though he shows up, prophecies and pretty much peaces out. Granted, that seems to be par for the course for prophets in the Bible, but still. Fun fact: Agabus’ name can mean either a locust or a father’s joy.

What happened to Mary, Martha and Lazarus…and was their’s a crazily co-dependant relationship?

Did Lot’s wife have a future in the condiment business?

What happened during the rest of the Gerasene demoniac’s life?

What was Barabbas’ story and did he ever realize what a big thing he was a part of when he was set free during the Passion?

And, honestly, the list goes on and on and on.

I don’t worry about it, but it is something I ponder. What about ya’ll? Does this ever pop up into your heads or is there something different that you ponder about the Bible?

And allow me to make clear, I don’t believe God dropped the ball. The Bible is perfect just how it is. I actually tend to enjoy my mental trips trying to figure out the beginning and end of these stories we get a glimpse of. There are days, even, where it seems like these loose ends is another gift from God to me. Which rocks if you ask me.



2 responses

  1. Tiff

    Apollos. That’s the dude I’ve always wanted to know more about. You’ve hit on some of my big ones here, though I admit that I’d never given Tzipporah much thought. Thanks for giving me one to read up on tonight. Oh, and I’ve always wanted to know why the lots fell to Matthias and not to Basabbas/Justus.

    16 August 2010 at 3:15 pm

    • I completely agree with you on all fronts, Tiffany! And the weird thing is, too, Matthias is there and then *poof* no more mention of him again. You’d think that God would at least give his vitals, stats, or something. (Matthias is a younger Greek Jew. Married to Mary, but then again, these days who isn’t married to a Mary and has two kids, Jehosophat and Oholibamah. Yes he wanted them to suffer being horribly picked on. He’s a saint, but what parent really thinks that the bullying is really going to be as bad as it is? Matt and his family run a small ranch outside of Ramah where you can often find him when he isn’t being persecuted for his faith.)

      16 August 2010 at 3:35 pm

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