A Voice in the Shadowlands

And For This We Give Thanks…

This post has a bit of spiritual side, but but is, on the whole much lighter than some of late. I realized lately that I, and most likely other folks as well, tend to take things for granted. It’s not that I’m not thankful for things, I think it’s just that exposure tends to make you stop reveling in wonder and you end up just going, “Hmm, yeah, I dig that but let me go and do suchandsuch.” So, I think I’m just going to take some time just to give God a shout out for pulling off some good work. Indulge me, if you will.

1- The Wife – My wife rocks pretty hard. You can ask my sister, who long ago declared that whoever decided to hitch up to my wagon would have to be special. Not only does my lovely bride put up with my insanity, she feeds it and seems to actually enjoy it. I mean, tonight she shared with me that a grape she was about to eat looked like a butt and earlier this week we had a conversation that covered the gamut from a classic forties song to the clothing preferences of homosexual tarantulas. She’s also incredibly smart, enjoys digging in the dirt, has more than a slight fixation on ceramics and can throw-down with the best of them in the kitchen. She keeps me laughing and sane and indulges my neuroses. It was only through God doing some major finagling of her plans and mine that we ended up meeting. Prime work, Papa! You rock, Beck, and I love you!

2- Spices – I don’t hide it. I love food and just on its own it’s pretty dang good (take bannock bread for instances…flour and water, panfry, done and awesome). If you takes some herbs and spices, though, it can take something all right and turn it into a euphoric party for your taste-buds. It’s one of the reasons I like Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian food so much. Their use of spices leads your mouth to experiencing the type of hedonistic party that Nero and Caligula would applaud. And it’s good for you, too. Several studies have shown that spicy foods up your metabolism, for one. Just another sign that God is a foodie.

3 – Work Friends – If it weren’t for these people, I think most of the walls in our workspaces would be covered our own claw marks. God, in his infinite wisdom, decides to plop down a few brothers-in-arms to survive the war zone that can be work. Because of his smarts, many lives has been saved. Fair play, God. Fair play. To my work friends, thank you for allowing me to maintain my somewhat tenuous grasp on reality.

4 – Babies – While not all of them are cute (don’t look at me like that. All of you have seen one wee bairn at one time or another that looked like it perhaps needed to be returned to a zoo), I’ve yet to find a baby that couldn’t make me smile, feel good about humanity, and act like a fool without care in front of crowds. And I don’t know what made God think of it, but that smell babies have is kind of like a human version of new car smell. Innocence is precious and fleeting and little ones help you savor it, even if you have lost it.

5 – Spellchecking – While I tend to think of it as a crutch, for some reason I’ve really needed it tonight. Some of my crimes against spelling and grammar this evening would lead to serious fines and punishment without it.

And I could go on. I could write reams about different places on earth, or sunsets, or works of art, or no end of other things, but these were the first ones that popped up.

What about you? What do you walk by everyday and forget how much it really means to you? And it doesn’t have to be large things, the kind that make people tear up in sentimental bliss at the Thanksgiving table. There are times that you are the most thankful for the small things, like A/C or a pencil eraser (don’t laugh, I’ve had moments where I swear that bit of rubber was a miracle from God to save my butt.)



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