A Voice in the Shadowlands

Being a Copycat

Blogging. Everyone’s doing it. In fact, I had one of these things a while back and never really followed through on it (I think it had to do with completely forgetting the password). Blogging is just another way to be unique like everyone else.

So, why does the world need another blog? Honestly, it doesn’t. I, however, am trying to get myself together. Part of that is writing daily. Something. Anything. I am trying to write a play (which hopefully will turn into other plays) and there are lots of other stories in my head. I know, however, that I can’t write on those without a mental break somewhere else and that’s where this blog comes in. So, we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully, it will take all the extra mess that is crowding my brain and give me a chance to put it somewhere. If you happen to run into this blog by accident, may I offer my apologies. Or not. No, I won’t I apologize. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you see.

So, what to write about besides writing about?

Tonight, was Indian Tuesdays. It’s gotten to be a tradition with me and The Wife. Indian food is a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Honestly, when you walk into a house where Indian food is cooking, it just smells…right. It’s warm. It’s spicy. Sadly, it’s probably about the closest to the Taj Mahal or the Ganges that I’m every going to get, but when you smell a curry cooking you can almost be OK with that. Indian food has a depth that I have a hard time finding in other foods (and I’ve yet to come across nationality of food that I couldn’t find something to like). Anyone who knows me, has been forced to endure the announcement that I recently bought a curry leaf plant and am terribly excited about the fact that not only do I have a plant for the first time in a while but that I can use said plant in cooking. I’m a dork. I know.

OK, so maybe I am a little apologetic about this post.



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